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    Verse Finder and Calculator is a standalone application, that allows performing all the requested permutations offline and enjoying the working process with faster local software replies.

    Download section

    Ms Windows 64-bit version (Windows 2000/7/8/10)
    MacOS version

    All the files are zipped archives/installation packages, so just download the very file required for your operating system, expand/install from the archive and start using the software!

    Windows 10 users may experience problems with running downloaded files. In order to avoid similar difficulties follow this simple steps:
    1. Download the zip archive to a preselected folder.
    2. Unzip the contents to the desired location.
    3. Rigth-click on the program file and select "Properties".
    4. A dialog will come up with the selection of settings. Make sure that "Unblock" field is selected as shown on the picture below.


    5. Run the application.

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